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Vocal Coaching & Voice Training

You want to improve your voice? Our experienced team is ready to help you to improve your singing or speaking skills. When it comes to voice training there is no such thing as an "one size fits all" solution. To make sure that every student is able to reach their full potential we work with the Estill Voice Training Model. This model could also be described as a map of the voice. This map gives us information about the structures we use when speaking and singing. With this map we can work out for every individual what it is that hinders good vocal function. Our working principle is that voice is muscular. The great thing is that we can train muscles, as we do all the time in the gym, with pilates or any other sport. By strengthening and lengthening the right muscles in the larynx and pharynx we can help you to improve your voice.

  • Free trail lessons available with one of our vocal coaches
  • Vocal Coaching and Voice Training for beginner, intermiddiate, advanced and professional voice users
  • Schedule your lesson as soon as next week
  • Professional studio in Amsterdam
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Our studio is situated in the city center of Amsterdam. Close to the Haarlemmerplein. Our studio is 65 square meters and has everything you need for your lessons. We have a baby grand piano, and shelves full of sheetmusic. Of course we also have microphones and recording equipment. We are sure you'll find everything you need during your lesson.


Roel Bakkum

Vocal Coach & Voice Trainer

Roel is a experienced vocal coach/voice trainer with clients including recording artists, actors, voice overs, tv hosts and lots of people who love singing. Furhter more Roel has taught at Mountview Academy of Performing Arts and Bird College in London. At the moment he is in his final stage to become an Estill Certified Master Teacher.

Available: Monday Morning, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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Anne van Zandbergen

Vocal Coach & Speech Language Therapist (in training)

Anne van Zandbergen

Anne started her career as a pop singer in Curacao and Holland. Besides being a great vocal coach she's now in training to become a Speech Language Therapist.

Available: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

Aniek Methorst

Vocal Coach & Voice Trainer

Besides being a talented singer, Aniek is also a talented vocal coach. She's currently studying to become a Estill Certified Master Teacher in London.

Available: Tuesday

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“Nice environment and great teachers! Lessons include practical tips on how to get to feel your body and understand how to use it to sound just great !”

Fabio from Amsterdam

Google Review


“If you want to have fun while learning how to sing and learn about the (correct) functions of your body while singing, this is the place to be! Singing and voice training with trainers which are fun to work with. Recommended for both beginner and advanced voice users.”

Alexandra from Amsterdam

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Private Vocal Coaching

In our private vocal coaching sessions you’ll lean to use your voice with new techniques and a better understanding of the rational behind it. This way we work on improving and expanding your vocal qualities. Technique is not the only thing that is important, that’s why we’ll also focus on performance and presentation. We help you to learn how to tell a story to your audience.

  • Available from € 27,50 per session
  • Voice technique to improve vocal qualities
  • Improve performance and style

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Voice Training

When you’re using your voice intensively and/or daily the the muscles that are producing voice can get tired. You can experience huskiness or loss of voice. Voice training will help you to improve your stamina and encourage dynamic voice use. This way you can use your voice every day all day without problem.

  • Available from € 27,50 per session
  • Improve stamina and dynamic voice use
  • Specific exercises with measurable result

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Audition Preparation

Do you have upcoming auditions for a production or school auditions? Are you getting nervous during auditions? Our vocal coaches can help you to prepare for your auditions/castings. An audition trainingsession is similar to a private vocal coaching session but focused on the songs you need to prepare.

  • Available from € 27,50 per session
  • Be prepared for your upcoming auditions and castings
  • Combination of technique and performance.

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Groups Classes

In our group classes we focus on technique, to help you build your voice. These group session are scheduled every Thursday night at 20:00 starting March 2018. These session are given in dutch.

  • At this time only available in Dutch
  • Weekly lessons at € 60,- per month
  • Maximum of 10 participants per group
  • Learn more about your voice!

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Estill Voice Training

Within our studio in Amsterdam we teach trough Estill Voice Training. This world wide used model gives you a detailed insight in how the voice works and how it can work for you. It gives you te power to control every part of your voice. This model has a scientific and physiological basis, can give real answers and real results.

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About Zangstudio Roel Bakkum

Sign up for singing classes in Amsterdam at Zangstudio Roel Bakkum. We offer private singing classes, voice training, group singing classes and audition preparition. Our trail lesson is free. We are opened 7 days a week.

How to reach us

Tussen de Bogen 93
1013 JB Amsterdam

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Opening Hours

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