• Technical skills
  • Performance
  • Voice Stamina
  • Story telling
  • Dynamic Voice Use
  • Breath management
  • Posture
  • Knowledge


A professional singer is able to combine all his skills into a performance with what seems to be hardly any effort. These skills are: Technique, Style and performance. Based on what you want to achieve, together we will work on these skills.

Info for all singers.

Are you about to start your singing journey or have you been singing for some time already? This info will tell you what we work on in our sessions...


For your technical training we make use of the Estill voice training system. Scroll down on this page for some extra info on that system.


Singing a pop song requires a different vocal setup and voice quality to for instance opera or rap. That's why we work on voice qualities when training your understanding and skills within one or multiple styles.

Of course training voice qualities isn't the only thing we focus on when training style. Rhythm, dynamics or diction are equally important when training style. Your technical skills are crucial to enable you to adapt to any style.

When training style you will always have a factor called taste. Although we will work on style, we will never present our taste as fact or technique! Your taste is what will determine artistic choices. We will always try to give you multiple angles to any style questions.


Performance and style are inseparable. The performance of a rapper compared to that of a performer in a big Broadway show is different as is the style of singing. To develop an understanding of what it is to perform in one or multiple styles, you can analyse these styles. Then ask yourself: What is that you like, what is it that you don't like so much?

Storytelling is a big part of performing. What is this or your song really about. How do you want to tell that story to your audience? Good story telling influences every part of your performance and stylistic choices.

Although we get inspiration from looking to other, performance is all about what you bring to the table!


Professionals require specific and detailed coaching. We'll help you with things like range, stamina, vocal function and vocal health.


Club tours, theatre tours, studio sessions, promotional tours or an album release are often time-consuming and/or cause voice fatigue. This results in loss of range or voice quality. We will help you to develop the skills needed to get through any of these professional challenges and at the same time resolve any current issue.


Having a technical basis is without a doubt important for any professional voice user. Are you experiencing trouble with your technique? We'll make sure to help you with very specific questions or any technical development. We use the Estill voice training system to get that done. Scroll down a little on this page to get more information on Estill.


“How am I doing this” is the question that started the journey of Jo Estill in creating the Estill Voice Training System. She ended her professional singing career and enrolled at the University at the age of 45 to start her research. That research became the basis of the Estill System. A system that explains how the voice works based on facts, has no aesthetic bias and cares deeply about vocal health.

The Voice is muscular, in other words: Voice is made by muscles. Estill Voice Training helps us identifying those muscles and their corresponding functions. We use this system in all of our sessions enabling you to become aware of where those muscles are located, and how to train them. Not only does this make your voice training very precise and meaningful, it also makes communication between teacher and student very clear.

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Voice Studio Roel Bakkum was founded in 2011 and has since become a well-known studio for voice training in Amsterdam. Our mission: let everyone experience the strength of voice technique and the power of performance. The studio started in a small room but has grown to a studio where people are training their voice 7 days per week.

To make sure you receive the best possible training, our team is constantly developing their own knowledge and skills. Roel has trained in London as part of his Estill Qualification for the past 4 years. Besides his training, he has taught at conservatoires such as Mountview and Bird College. Aniek is currently in her third year of that same study. Anne is currently training to get her qualification as a speech-language therapist adding even more angles to our voice training.

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Yes! Everyone is welcome to take singing classes with us anytime.

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Yes! Everyone can learn how to take control over their voice during singing (and speaking for that matter). Will you become the new renowned singer? Maybe, but there's more to becoming a professional singer than just being able to sing.

No! Although we get your concerns when it comes to style changes. We are aware that there are vocal techniques that focus more on style and not so much on vocal ability.

We will never give you stylistic advise unless you specifically ask for it. It is very important to never let a teacher decide what ultimately should be your artistic choices.

Yes! We offer a trial lesson of 30 minutes. The cost of a trial lesson is € 20,00.

In your trial lesson we'll of course sing a song but we'll also explain what we can offer you and give you a few tips and tricks along the way.

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Yes. Being well prepared for an audition will improve your chance to get the job. We have extended experience in prepping singers for auditions for conservatoires, theatre shows, tv shows etc.

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