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For us singing is about two important subjects: Technique and Performance. It is important to make a clear distinction between these two skills. We use technique to improve the stamina of our voice and give is control over our voice. This control can help us prevent pathology and gives us flexibility in our performance. Performance is about what you do with a song. It’s about timing, dynamics and diction. In a singing class you work on both subjects. For example: You want to be able to sing that one note because it helps your performance. But just saying: Please sing on the note, or “stop gliding to that note just hit it from above” will not help you. Here we need to work on some technique first. What do you do with the larynx etc when you sing high notes. Once that is figured out you can build that note into your performance.

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Vocal Coaching

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Estill Voice Training

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There are many techniques available around the world. It doesn't come as a suprise that many teachers teach differently based on their background. We work with the Estill Voice Model. A model that is used troughout the world. The estill Model gives a very clear and detailed overview of the voice. We often compare Estill to google maps: Estill shows you where what is and tells you how to get there as efficiently as possible. Like to zoom in? With the Estill Model you can get into as much detail as you want. But you don't need to and that is what's so great about it!

Estill has a physiological and scientific basis. That doesn't mean that a lesson will transform into a lecture. But it forms a basis of understanding. Indispensable for any student. If you know what you're training, practise becomes meaningful and progress measurable.

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“Ik heb nu een jaar zanglessen gevolgd bij Roel Bakkum en ben nog nooit zo tevreden geweest over een zangdocent. Hij past zich goed aan aan zijn leerlingen en geeft veel informatie over techniek. Ik heb dankzij hem veel meer controle gekregen over mijn stem en kan zonder moeite tonen halen die daarvoor niet eens haalbaar waren voor mij.

Zelf wilde ik graag naar het conservatorium en mede dankzij zijn hulp, ben ik op zowaar drie van de vier conservatoria waar ik auditie heb gedaan aangenomen. Zowel in Haarlem, Enschede als op een conservatorium in Engeland! ”

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Technique, is it really that important?

Technique is a very important part of your training.That is because our larynx (responsible for making our sound) doesn't reconise singing as a primary function. It's primary function is that of a valve and a constrictor. A valve to regulate our airflow, and a constrictor for protection. Especialy the constrictor part is bad news for singers. That is because we don't want the larynx to constrict while we're singing. It's important to understand that our larynx will always choose it's primary function above things like singing. With a good technical basis we can override those primary functions. (and be awesome!).

But it doesn't stop with being able to override the primary functions. The larynx is surrounded by lots and lots of muscles. These muscles can influence the position of the larynx and therefore our sound. We also have muscles in the pharynx and mouth that can influence sound. By getting good controlol over those muscles will make it possible to make any sound you want over and over again.

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Sign up for singing classes in Amsterdam at Zangstudio Roel Bakkum. We offer private singing classes, voice training, group singing classes and audition preparition. Our trail lesson is free. We are opened 7 days a week.

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