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Voice Training

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Improve your voice use

After a long day of meetings, teaching or presentations your voice can feel sore or even completely lost. This happens to many people every day. The system that we make voice with is rather complex even though we often feel that being able to speak is a given. But the system can get overloaded quickly.

To prevent fatique we can train our voices to become more efficient. With a better understanding of how the voice works, and in particular what is causing your problem will help you to train your voice with precision. We train both function and stamina. This way we prevent your problems from coming back, and give you a whole new range of dynamics to use whilst speaking.

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Voice Training

  • Improve your voice
  • Estill Voice Training
  • Enhance your presentation

Improve Stamina and Dynamics

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To train your vocal stamina and dynamic posbility we use Estill Voice Training. A model that is used troughout the world. The estill Model gives a very clear and detailed overview of the voice. We often compare Estill to google maps: Estill shows you where what is and tells you how to get there as efficiently as possible. Like to zoom in? With the Estill Model you can get into as much detail as you want. But you don't need to and that is what's so great about it! Estill has a physiological and scientific basis. That doesn't mean that a lesson will transform into a lecture. But it forms a basis of understanding. Indispensable for any student. If you know what you're training, practise becomes meaningful and progress measurable.

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“Ik had nooit durven hopen dat mijn stem zo goed tot z'n recht zou komen, door de stemcoaching van Roel. Door het leren van technieken heb ik met 1 werkende stemband toch nu een mooi volume, een ontspannen stem en vooral heel belangrijk, geen hese stem meer!“

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About Zangstudio Roel Bakkum

Sign up for singing classes in Amsterdam at Zangstudio Roel Bakkum. We offer private singing classes, voice training, group singing classes and audition preparition. Our trail lesson is free. We are opened 7 days a week.

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