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  • Storytelling
  • Dynamic voice use
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After a long day of meetings, teaching or presentations your voice can feel sore or even completely lost. This happens to many people every day. The system that we make voice with is rather complex even though we often feel that being able to speak is a given. But the system can get overloaded quickly.

To prevent fatigue we can train our voices to become more efficient. With a better understanding of how the voice works, and in particular what is causing your problem will help you to train your voice with precision. We train both function and stamina. This way we prevent your problems from coming back and give you a whole new range of dynamics to use whilst speaking.


Are you experiencing specific vocal issues such as (but not limited to of course) complete loss of sound after speaking, breathy sound, loss of volume or lack of sound projection? We are happy to help you!


To fix any issue you might have with your voice we use the Estill Voice Training System. A system that is used throughout the world. The Estill Model gives a very clear and detailed overview of the voice. We often compare Estill to google maps: Estill shows you where what is and tells you how to get there as efficiently as possible. Like to zoom in? With the Estill Model you can get into as much detail as you want. But you don't need to and that is what's so great about it! Estill has a physiological and scientific basis. That doesn't mean that a lesson will transform into a lecture. But it forms a basis of understanding. Indispensable for any student. If you know what you're training, practise becomes meaningful and progress measurable.


Are you using your voice on a daily basis? We can help you improve your speech patterns and voice use.


When training voice technique you're training muscles because the voice is muscular. Have good control over the muscles you use to make voice is very important to improve your diction, dynamic voice use and projection.

To train those muscles we use the Estill Voice Training System. A system that maps out the voice to help you get a better understanding of your voice.

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Speaking with clarity and getting your story across compellingly is what most speakers are after. Projection and voice dynamics are indispensable to reach that goal.

Projection is influenced by things like tongue position, larynx position but also effective closure of your vocal folds. We will learn you how to improve your projection by training more awareness and skill. This will enable you to be audible in any situation from boardrooms to busy pubs and restaurants.

Next to projection you have to work on dynamic voice use. Having an understanding how dynamic voice use can get your story across better is key to being a compelling speaker. When training dynamic voice use we look at subjects like volume, rhythm and pitch.


Diction is most often ignored. A shame as this can be so benifitial to your clarity. That's why we always put some serious effort into getting your diction right!


Voice Studio Roel Bakkum was founded in 2011 and has since become a well-known studio for voice training in Amsterdam. Our mission: let everyone experience the strength of voice technique and the power of performance. The studio started in a small room but has grown to a studio where people are training their voice 7 days per week.

To make sure you receive the best possible training, our team is constantly developing their own knowledge and skills. Roel has trained in London as part of his Estill Qualification for the past 4 years. Besides his training, he has taught at conservatoires such as Mountview and Bird College. Aniek is currently in her third year of that same study. Anne is currently training to get her qualification as a speech-language therapist adding even more angles to our voice training.

Roel Bakkum Anne van Zandbergen Aniek Methorst Dominika Zawada


Yes! Voice is muscular meaning that it's made through muscle control. Not so different from writing, walking or any other thing that requires motor skill. Everyone can learn how to control their muscles therefore everyone can learn how to control their voice!

A true frequently asked question, but always difficult to answer. We can't tell you how long it will take you specifically. It's depended on things like the complexity of your wishes, your ability to pick up the material etc.

Generally speaking, we see real improvement in about 3 months after someone started training and is doing their exercises on a daily basis.

Yes! We offer a trial lesson of 30 minutes. The cost of a trial lesson is € 20,00.

In your trial lesson we'll explain what we can offer you and give you a few tips and tricks along the way.

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